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Conair DPP1000 Iron

Clothes that are well ironed tend to last longer. And a steam iron comes in handy especially to take care of the creases and wrinkles after a machine wash. A steam iron box is prompt and efficient. The steam aids in straightening and smoothening even the tiniest of wrinkles leaving your clothes flawlessly hard-pressed and tidily folded.

The Conair DPP1000 Iron is a full functional light weight steam iron. Even when al doing loads of ironing. My hand swing is just gentle and I don’t get muscle pulls later on as it used to happen before I changed ironing boxes.
With the Conair DPP1000 Iron, I set the temperature depending on the fabrics that I am ironing.

I normally start with the light fabric ones and finish with the heavy fabric clothes that I own. You can set the heat option just precise to the kind of cloths fabric that you are pressing. The temperature cannot exceed a certain point since it automatically will switch of.

With the Conair DPP1000 Iron I am never afraid of doing harm to my precious clothes, or using low heat and struggling to press. Or using a lot of heat and burning the fabrics.

This Iron box has even heat distribution thus giving me excellent results with my ironing. With water capacity of 12 oz liters this iron offers very neat and smart ironing. I could not recommend any other iron.

It is also fitted with an interactive LCD display. Amazingly this iron has an automatic turn off option just incase you leave it connected to the power and you forget to turn it off. This not only saves your electricity bills but it also saves you from any fire accidents that may occur.

The Conair DPP1000 Iron does not drip and it has a self cleaning system. With a 10’ power cord you can freely move around your ironing room and not feel restrained to the surrounding.

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