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Conair Compact Presser FSP5

by Natalie

So I purchased the Conair Compact Presser about a month ago and it has made my life so much easier. The model is FSP5. It presses more than a regular iron so it makes your clothes so much more presentable.

There’s a control for the temperature so that you can set it for different fabrics. It can even steam press your clothes. I used to spend hours ironing my clothing. Now I spend less than an hour doing all of it and you don’t need an ironing board.

The one thing that makes it a bit difficult is that you must use distilled water, so you always need to make sure you have that stocked. It has an on and off switch and a removable water tank. It isn’t complicated to use and comes with detailed instructions. This is as good as going to the dry cleaners so you will definitely save money in the long run.

I bought it for about $130 including tax from my local Macy’s store. If you travel this is perfect. Who wants to lug around a ironing board? This is an all-in-one item and the table top steamer is really great. I bought this to press my own dress shirts and pants instead of sending them to the cleaners.

I am saving so much money. It works really well. But the ironing surface is about half the size of a men’s dress shirt sleeve.

It’s a little bit difficult to press and not wrinkle what you have already pressed on a men’s shirt. But regardless, it does still work faster than your average iron but it would be a lot better if it was larger.

It is pretty perfect for all women’s shirts and pants thought. If you actually iron a lot then this is the perfect ironing and steaming gadget for you. It’s a smaller product than I thought it would be, I do wish it was larger.

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