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Bosch WTVC553CUC Vision 500 Series Sepia Frontloader Gas Dryer 6.7 cu ft

EcoSmart Technology

EcoSmart Technology

In terms of the BOSCH WTVC553CUC, the Sepia color does not refer to an old-fashioned product. Sepia just provides a pretty, soft frame for a powerful but energy efficient dryer. The WTVC553CUC from the BOSCH 500 series delivers steam cleaning, fabric-specific cycles and easy installation in one Energy Star compatible product.

Interior Features
  • The BOSCH WTVC553CUC is Energy Star compatible. The product is designed to use as little energy as possible while still delivering the drying quality that consumers expect from BOSCH. EcoSmart technology makes the dryer truly efficient, while the EcoAction option reduces energy use by 10%.
  • Steam is an important part of the BOSCH WTVC553CUC. A Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle helps remove wrinkles in just 12 minutes. The Steam Refresh cycle not only removes wrinkles but also removes odor, while the Steam Touch Up refreshes a load. Because of the WrinkleBlock feature, one hour of tumbling in the dryer may still prevent wrinkles. The dryer comes with 15 cycles and 3 options.
  • The ActiveDry and DynamicAir features help the WTVC553CUC use little or no heat when going through a cycle. The drying action is also effective while being gentle on the fabrics. The dryer also has heat sensors. These sensors help prevent overheating.
  • At 64 dB, the BOSCH WTVC553CUC dryer produces minimal, almost imperceptible, sounds. The dryer model is considered one of the quietest dryers in the market.

    Exterior Features

  • The BOSCH WTVC553CUC comes in a beautiful sepia frame. The buttons are silver and the door ring and dial are chrome. The tub
    is made of stainless steel. Altogether, the silver, sepia, chrome and stainless steel finish make up a good aesthetic combination.
  • The dryer is stackable. This means that it can be placed on top of or under a washing machine, preferably also from Bosch, to save some space.
  • The LED status indicator jazzes up the modern look. It also makes the status easy to read. Interior lighting is provided to make checking the contents of the drum easy.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 7/8 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Height: 36 7/8 inches
    Volume: 6.7 cubic feet


    The BOSCH WTVC553CUC comes with 15 cycles and 3 options, to accommodate the safe drying of different types of fabrics. Energy efficiency is probably the best known feature of this particular dryer. Other dryers in the BOSCH Vision series can boast about as much. The frame and parts are made of attractive and durable material. Put together, the parts make up a stackable dryer that can save a lot of space. This model has an EcoAction option and uses EcoSmart Technology. With these features, you're sure to save a lot on energy and money.


    The sepia color may be very attractive but it may not be compatible with many kitchen designs. This is a pretty minor disadvantage, however.


  • fabric safe drying
  • dries with little or no heat
  • conserves energy and saves on electricity bills
  • the inclusion of wrinkle-free and wrinkle removal cycles
  • durable material
  • quiet operation
  • comes with two year limited warranty
  • saves space


  • problems with color compatibility

    Full Specifications »


    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Gas
    Color Champagne
    Drum Material Stainless Steel
    Capacity 6.7 Cu. Ft.
    Timed Dry Yes
    Drying System

    EcoSmart™ technology, DynamicAir™, ActiveDry™, Eco-Sensor


    Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Jeans cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates


    Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Jeans cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates

    Special Features

    EcoAction™ Option, 3-way venting for easy installation, Extended WrinkleBlock®, Heat sensors and intelligent controls prevent overheating, Stackable, Interior Light, Adjustable drying temperature

    Energy Star Qualified Yes
    Sound Package (Quietness)

    Extremely Quiet Performance: 64 dB

    Width 27 Inches
    Height 36 7/8 Inches
    Depth 31 7/8 Inches


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