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Bosch WTVC533AUS Front-Load Electric Dryer 6.7 cu. ft.

Get more power savings with the WTVC533AUS Bosch electric dryer that comes loaded with energy-saving features in an elegant finish. It has intelligent sensors and some of the smartest features you can find in a compact dryer.

Key features

- The EcoSmart technology comes with a number of intelligent sensors that determine the amount of moisture in the load before adjusting the drying cycle accordingly.
- The EcoAction technology allows you to save on energy by cutting on energy costs by up to 10%.
- The DynamicAir option uses moderate heat and high volume air for safer drying and softer loads.
- The ActiveDry engineering is responsible for keeping the fabrics safe from overheating.
- Intelligent heat sensors prevent the unit from overheating.
- For safer and softer drying of delicates, there's the air fluff/no heat drying feature, which uses no heat during the cycle, making it the perfect option for delicates and soft fabrics.
- The Jeans cycle dries the denim wear efficiently without fading or wrinkling.
- The steam cycles refreshes and relaxes to remove odors from the load in minutes. Refresh loads that have been sitting in the dryer to remove wrinkles.
- The WrinkleBlock option is another feature that targets pesky wrinkle. It tumble-dries the load for up to one hour to remove wrinkles.
- The Extremely Quiet Performance in the load makes this one of the quietest Bosch dryers in the market.
- Adjustable drying temperatures allow users to adjust the temperature accordingly. This way, you get more control over the safe drying of delicates and other types of clothing.
- The stackable option allows you to
stack the dryer on top of the washer to save on laundry room space.
- The lint filter indicator is a handy feature that tells you when the lint filter needs cleaning to prevent clogging. When this happens, collected lint flows back into the drum and may be picked up by the exhaust system, clogging the system and requiring further maintenance.


One of the advantages of this dryer model is the quiet operation. The machine is noticeably more quiet compared to dryers from other brands. The machine is also stackable, allowing users to reserve more space in the home for other appliances.

The dryer comes with a host of energy-saving features that noticeably reduce power consumption and it comes in an elegant finish that is easy on the eyes. The stainless steel tub is an added plus because it does not break down as soon as other tubs that are made of plastic or porcelain.


One of the main drawbacks of this unit is the absence of the active wear option, which is designed to clean athletic gear often made of spandex or nylon fabrics. Another drawback is the noise that is emitted at the very end of the cycle, a loud chugging sound, which can be startling. There is no child lock as well.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- quiet operation
- energy-saving options
- durable stainless steel tub
- stackable, compact design
- easy to use
- works well


- no active wear option
- chugging sound at the end of the cycle
- no child lock

Full Specifications »


Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Electric


Drum Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 6.7 Cu. Ft.
Timed Dry Yes
Drying System

EcoSmart™ technology, DynamicAir™, ActiveDry™ engineering, Eco-Sensor


Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Jeans cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates


Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Jeans cycle, Steam Wrinkle Relax cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Touch Up, Delicates

Special Features

EcoAction™ Option, 3-way venting for easy installation - back, right, bottom, WrinkleBlock®, Heat sensors and intelligent controls prevent overheating, Adjustable drying temperature, Interior light

Energy Star Qualified Yes
Sound Package (Quietness)

Extremely Quiet Performance: 64 dB

Width 27 Inches
Height 36 7/8 Inches
Depth 31 7/8 Inches


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