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Bosch WTVC3500UC Gas Dryer with 6.7 Cu. Ft. capacity

The WTVC3500UC is one of the best gas dryers from Bosch that is known for its quiet operation and useful and intuitive features. The unit comes in a white finish, a front loading design with metallic silver accent on the door, as well as electronic controls and LED screen.

Key features

- One of the key features is the EcoSmart technology that is composed of a network of smart sensors that make it one of the most energy-efficient brands.
- Custom cycles allow you to choose the right cycle for the load.
- The EcoAction option reduces the level of energy usage by up to 10%.
- The Dynamic Air option allows you to gently dry clothes with the moderate heat and high air volume.
- Active Dry engineering is another feature that also allows for perfect drying.
- The Air Fluff/ No Heat drying cycle is perfect for drying delicates and other fragile fabric types as well as those you want to keep soft, such as down comforters.
- The Delicates option allows you to wash items that you usually line dry to avoid the risk of shrinking or burning the fabric.
- The three-way venting installation system allows users to vent through the bottom, the back, and right.
- The Wrinkle Block tumbles the load for one full hour to remove wrinkles from the fabric.
- The 6.7 cu. feet stainless steel drum can accommodate a large load, allowing you to dry larger loads at a time.
- The front loading, stackable design allows for convenient loading and unloading while saving on laundry room space because you can stack the dryer
on top of the washer.
- The adjustable audible signal tells you if the unit is done with its cycle.
- Timed Dry cycles let you know how long the dry cycle is going to take.
- Heat sensors prevent overheating in the unit.


The low level of noise is one of the main advantages of this unit. The machine is also a power and water scrooge, allowing you to save a lot in power and water bills.

The machine is a solid performer with little complaints from users about the machine prematurely breaking down. The dryer is quite easy to use and has multiple options for the drying cycle. It dries well and has a good set of convenience features.


One of the main complaints with this unit is the poorly designed lint filter. The machine also does poorly drying very thick fabric such as comforters. Another disadvantage is that there is no uniform drying if the load does not have a uniform weight.

Finally, the machine tends to become a little bit noisy at the end of the cycle. The end of cycle audible signal also does not stop after you have opened the door.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- low level of noise
- saves on energy and water
- solid performance, no frequent breaking down
- has multiple options for different types of load
- convenient to use


- poorly designed lint filter
- cannot effectively dry comforters
- tends to be noisy at the end of the cycle
- audible signal does not stop after one opens the door

Full Specifications »


Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Gas


Drum Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 6.7 Cu. Ft.
Timed Dry Yes
Drying System

EcoSmart™ technology, DynamicAir™, ActiveDry™ engineering, Eco-Sensor


Air Fluff / No Heat drying cycle, Delicates

Special Features

EcoAction™ Option, 3-way venting for easy installation - back, right, bottom, WrinkleBlock®, Heat sensors and intelligent controls prevent overheating, Adjustable drying temperature, Interior light, Stackable

Energy Star Qualified  
Sound Package (Quietness)

Extremely Quiet Performance: 64 dB

Width 27 Inches
Height 36 7/8 Inches
Depth 31 7/8 Inches


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