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Bosch WFVC544AUC  500 series Washing Machine

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  Quick Specs  
Style: front loading, anthracite
Cleaning: 1,150 RPM max, 4.4 Cu. Ft., heats wash water up 170F
Cycles: 15 Wash cycles
Features: 19 h delay start, leak protection system, AVS Anit-Vibration System,
fast spinning washing machine

Bosch's WFVC544AUC model is a highly efficient machine that can help you keep your clothes clean while saving on energy and water usage.

By using the EcoSmart technology, the Bosch WFVC544AUC is the perfect appliance for a family who has lots of laundry items to wash every weekend.

Key features

  • The machine is Energy Star qualified.
  • This model uses Bosch's innovative EcoSmart Technology.
  • Through its EcoAction option, you can save a lot on energy consumption.
  • Its ActiveWater feature can turn 13 gallons of water into 400 gallons of washing power.
  • The WFVC544AUC offers a total of 15 wash cycles.
  • The ActiveClean feature contributes to a more efficient cleaning process.
  • The XxtraSanitary feature can heat washing water up to 170 F.
  • For a quieter operation, the machine includes an AVS Anti-Vibration system.
  • This model is certified by the NSF.
  • The washing machine's AquaStop leak protection system protects the unit from severe water damage.
  • This machine is perfect for family members with allergies to certain kinds of detergent because it offers an Allergy Rinse option.


  • Through the use of EcoSmart technology, this washing machine helps in reducing water and energy usage.
  • Its EcoAction feature ensures that you save energy consumption by as much as 20%.
  • The machine's 15 wash cycles include BabyCare, which is perfect for washing your baby's delicate clothing items, and Wool/Handwash, which gently but thoroughly washes items made of sensitive fabric.
  • The Quick Full cycle can wash any load size in just a span of 45 minutes. For smaller loads, wash them within 20 minutes through the unit's Quick Light 20 cycle.
  • When dealing with bulky loads such as comforters, simply use the machine's Comforter cycle.
  • Another advantage of this model is its Jeans cycle, which effectively cleans your denim items while lessening the risks of fading and shrinking.
  • The AVS Anti-Vibration system ensures that each time you use this machine, you won't have to deal with too much noise or vibration.
  • This product is also offered with a two-year warranty and is backed up by a Good Housekeeping seal.


  • Some of the disadvantages associated with this model is that several consumers have complained of missing appliance instructions and manuals from the package.
  • Vibration issues were also experienced by some buyers despite the presence of the AVS or anti-vibration system.

    Consumer Opinions


  • Energy Star qualified
  • NSF certified
  • Includes an ActiveWater feature
  • Uses the EcoSmart technology
  • Has 15 wash cycles
  • Includes an AquaStop leak protection system
  • Less noise through its anti-vibration system
  • Offers XxtraSanitary feature
  • Has an Allergy Rinse option
  • Has an LED status indicator
  • Tub is made of stainless steel
  • Has unbalance and suds sensors
  • Variety of spin speed options
  • Maximum spin speed is 1,150 rpm
  • Energy efficient
  • Offered with a two-year warranty


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Vibration issues

  • Comments for Bosch WFVC544AUC  500 series Washing Machine

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    Dec 24, 2011
    Door locked problems
    by: Anonymous

    Hi , This may help !! On the door switch there are two connectors - Ask the Tech to check the smallest one !! The wire may not be stripped enough to make a contact with the two male prongs - This is on the WFVC544 .

    You can get too the door switch by removing the spring retainer and pulling away the boot - Remove the two screws and the whole switch pulls out

    Putting the retainer back on can be a little trying !!! Two people can get it on - start the ring in the grove and finish at the spring side - A little Vaseline may help .

    If the Tech keeps coming out and replacing the switch then it may be the wire connector - It solved mine .

    I have worked with Bosch over the years - their products are of the greatest

    Dec 12, 2011
    Error codec
    by: Anonymous

    I have had a bad experience they keep giving error codes and lock the machine door. I have to take a day off for technician to come in.

    Jul 09, 2011
    Great washer
    by: Anonymous

    Can't say enough about this washer and its companion dryer.
    Our first front loader, it is an excellent size (can handle a queen size comforter), efficient, nice looking and very, very quiet.
    No problems, great warranty.

    Feb 16, 2011
    wrinkled and tangled
    by: Anonymous

    Does anyone else find that when their wash is finished the clothes are tangled up and very wrinked? Any suggestions?

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