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Bosch WFVC3300UC vision 300 series Washer 4.4 cu ft

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  Quick Specs  
Style: front loading, white
Cleaning: 1,100 RPM max, 4.4 Cu. Ft., heats wash water up 170F
Cycles: 11 Wash cycles
Features: energy star qualified, AVS Anit-Vibration System
fast spinning washing machine

As a manufacturer of high quality appliances, Bosch presents another efficient washing machine -- the Bosch WFVC3300UC. This model offers a variety of features such as 15 wash cycles, a highly energy efficient unit, and highly durable parts that will last for many years.

Key features

  • This front loader washing machine uses EcoSmart technology for its sensors.
  • As one of the most water-efficient appliance brands in the US, the WFVC3300UC model has an EcoAction option that can help lessen your water usage.
  • ts Energy Star ratings make it a popular product among users who want to save on water, energy, and money in the long run.
  • The unit has a total of 11 wash cycles that offer flexibility when washing different types of fabric and load size.
  • The unit's ActiveWater feature can turn 13 gallons of water into 400 gallons of washing power.
  • For better and efficient cleaning, the unit also includes an ActiveClean feature.
  • The unit's maximum spin speed is 1100 rpm.
  • If you have family members who are highly sensitive to detergent and washing liquids, the WFVC3300UC includes an Allergy Rinse option which conveniently removes traces of detergent.
  • The model offers an almost noise-free operation through its AVS Anti-Vibration System.


  • Packed with a variety of features, the WFVC3300UC model uses EcoSmart technology for a more efficient sensor system.
  • Because this product is NSF certified and has high Energy Star ratings, using WFVC3300UC can kill 99.9% of well-known bacteria found in laundry items and can help you save a lot of water and energy.
  • With its 11 washing cycles, you can select the right cycle for your needs.
  • Included in the 11 cycles are Wool/Handwash, Drain/Spin, Delicate, and Quick Full.
  • Its ActiveClean feature assures you of a highly efficient cleaning process.
  • If you want to heat up the wash water, this model offers an XxtraSanitary feature that can heat up water up to 170 F.
  • With its maximum spin speed of 1100 rpm., washing clothes thoroughly is easy and hassle-free.
  • The product also has a two-year warranty and is backed by a Good Housekeeping seal.
  • For durability, the tub is actually made of stainless steel.
  • Status display can also be easily viewed through an LED screen.


  • Some of the disadvantages of this unit include increased vibration when handling heavy loads.
  • The controls are also less sophisticated compared to similar models with under the same price range.

    Consumer Opinions


  • Offers a variety of features for an affordable price
  • The maximum spin speed is 1100 rpm
  • Offers an Allergy Rinse option
  • Uses EcoSmart technology
  • Offers an EcoAction option
  • Also offers an ActiveClean feature
  • Features an AVS Anti-Vibration system
  • Highly energy and water efficient
  • Offers a total of 11 wash cycles
  • Supported by a Good Housekeeping seal
  • Energy Star qualified
  • NSF certified


  • Vibration becomes more noticeable when washing heavy loads
  • Controls are less sophisticated compared to other similar models

  • Comments for Bosch WFVC3300UC vision 300 series Washer 4.4 cu ft

    Average Rating starstar

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    Jul 29, 2013
    by: Anonymous

    Machine is the best wash I have ever seen, but many problems, and hard to find a good service man. errors are numerous most you can solve yourself

    Aug 07, 2011
    4 days in
    by: Anonymous

    We installed our new laundry pair earlier this week, purchased from Sears in Lethbridge AB. They are on the main floor, sitting side by side on a ceramic tile floor. So far, we are fairly happy with it. Here are some comments:

    PROS: looks good, large wash drums for big loads, we were able to easily reinstall the door on the dryer so it is now hinged on the left.

    - doors are large, heavy and sit low. A laundry basket does not fit under the doors while opening them.
    - noticing that water and detergent residue tend to remain on the gasket after a load, so will have to wipe it down after each use
    - some vibration during spin cycles, but less than our previous front loader
    - problems with HE detergents that are required (case of hives!) so will have to use the "allergy rinse".
    - buzzers on both washer and dryer keeps reminding that load is done until you turn off the machines.

    These are all things we can live with for now.

    Jun 20, 2011
    Very unhappy
    by: Anonymous

    Spent around $800 dollars on a Bosch front load Model MFVC3300UC a little over a year ago. Guess what it has sprung a major leak and it is out of warrenty according to Lowes, where I bought it.
    I though I was buying quality, but I guess I was wrong.
    Back to Whirlpool for us.

    May 18, 2011
    parts & sears
    by: Julie

    we did the same thing with a unit bought from lowe's that someone had trashed by not removing the bolts (it was supposed to be a floor model..ha) this whole scenario took 5 months but it was in an summer house so no big deal.

    here is what you do, call a different repair tech forget sears .. they tell everyone that. we ordered the parts from sears and AAA appliance,
    2 different repair shops. when they arrived (sears insists on having them shipped to you..and I called bosch and had them shipped even though sears claimed they couldn't get them they did give me a list of the parts, which I faxed to bosch). 1 set (mind you the entire washer except the outside) arrived at AAA damaged and so I took the 2nd set that was shipped to me to lowes along with the washer (they picked it up), the repairman (aaa appliance pensacola) picked it up there along with the parts sears ordered and repaired it and returned it WE LOVE IT. Cliff at lowes nice, but there is one guy, assistant manager I would not give the time of day, Trey, Trevor, something like that, young, he is a train wreck. Foley AL

    Apr 20, 2011
    HATE the vibration!
    by: C. Metiva

    My old whirlpool died after MANY repairs! I was excited to finally upgrade to a front loader, BUT I was NOT informed of the vibration...even tho it is an anti-vibration model. I had vibration with my whirlpool top loader and was finally looking forward to not having dishes and pictures rattle as we live in a mobile home. BUT I have heard that people who install them on second floors have the same issues. IT is not that it isn't balanced properly, it is!! Cement floors are a must for this washer!! It also smells musty if the door is left closed and will mold in the nooks and crannies of the rubber seal. The timer stays lit until you shut it to the OFF position. Now for the good points: I do love that it washes the clothes without a lot of water. It takes way less soap then top loaders. That I can wash larger items, such as comforters or small rugs. I also purchased the pedalstal, and like that I can store all the soap in there.
    Now it's time for me to purchase a dryer and I can't decide if I want to spend an extra $900 just to get the matching dryer. If I knew then what I know now I would have not paid the extra $$$ just to get a front loader.

    Feb 08, 2011
    Negatives/Awful Washer
    by: Anonymous

    I hate this washing machine with a passion. It takes 1 hr. 45 minutes to wash a load of cotton towels on hot with an extra allergy rinse and the eco action cycle. You can't wash anything within 1 hr using the allergy rinse which we need. The towels come out so wet that it takes forever to dry them (an hr. or longer). The salesman evidently was very good and convincing me this was a good washer. We paid almost $900 and after purchasing it found out months later it is at the bottom of the line.

    After the water runs in you can not stop the cycle and add something you forgot either.

    Oct 30, 2010
    Service non existent
    by: Anonymous

    After submitting my review in Sept., Sears replaced my washer. Hopefully this one will last.

    Oct 30, 2010
    Bought this 10/07/2010
    by: Anonymous

    bought this washer just three weeks ago, and already stoppped spinning...THE STORE..(LOWES) REPLACED IT WITH A NEW ONE, JUST DELIVERED TODAY.. WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON HOW THIS NEW ONE TURNS OUT

    Sep 21, 2010
    Service Non Exsitent
    by: Anonymous

    I purchased one of these machines less than 1 year ago. I was very pleased with it until it stopped working. Having bought it from Sears Canada, I called them. Took 5 days for a service call. They appear unsure of the problem and ordered 2 parts. A control board and water level switch. Sears gave them a date of almost 2 months to get these parts!! I called Bosch and was told they had them in stock and could send the asap. After 2 weeks of numerous calls to Sears, they still appear unable to get parts. What gives? The frustration of dealing with Sears and getting absolutely no satisfaction has been very stressful.

    Unfortunately, I could not recommend either Sears or Bosch, simply because you can't get it fixed in a timesly matter. I will be 2 months without a washer.

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