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Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer 3.4 cu ft

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  Quick Specs  
Style: compact, white
Cleaning: 1000 rpm max, 3.4 Cu Ft.
Cycles: 15 Wash Programs
Features: space saving and easy installation, touch control technology, virtually silent
fast spinning washing machine

The Bosch Axxis WAS20160UC is an automatic washing machine that comes in a stackable, compact design to fit into tight space. It has variable spin speed options but operates at a max speed of 1,000 rpm. It comes with sensors, 15 washing programs and 5 washing options, and can be activated with a quick-touch-of-a-button, thanks to its Touch Control Technology.

Key features

  • SensoTronic Plus helps set the right right level of water and its temperature according to the load.
  • Its Energy Star certification ensures energy efficiency with every use.
  • The internal water heater heats water quickly for thorough cleaning.
  • There are 15 individual wash programs and 5 wash options to choose from.
  • The Soak Option lets you soak clothes first before they take a spin.
  • The Touch Control Technology lets you easily activate the program.
  • The unique raindrop drum pattern ensures powerful cleaning and fabric care.
  • The rinse plus option makes sure that clothes are thoroughly rinsed and no trace of detergent will be left.
  • The reduced ironing option extends fluffing time to make sure that wrinkles won't set in.


  • The compact washer offers numerous washing options and cycles to make sure that you can choose the right one for each type of load.
  • Clothes also come out almost wrinkle-free because of the extended fluffing time, which helps reduced time in ironing clothes.
  • It is also easy to use with programs that can be conveniently set with a quick touch of the button.
  • Stains can also be removed and it rinses well without detergent residue.
  • The internal heater is one of its most useful features, making sure that the load is thoroughly cleaned.
  • It also has sensors that help set the right water level and temperature according to the size of the load.
  • Unlike other dryers, what consumers love about this model is that it operates quietly in the background.
  • It can fit into laundry rooms with small floor space and it also looks nice because of its sleek design for a front-loader.
  • When features are used properly, it can clean clothes well.


  • Some are disappointed to find out that this compact washer has wash cycles that take too long to finish.
  • They claim that some washing options don't clean well as expected.
  • The internal heater also doesn't always work well all the time.
  • Some also say that they cannot use chlorine bleach and that the manual is not reliable.
  • It is quite expensive compared to other compact washers, and parts as well as service are limited.

    Consumer Opinions


  • prevents wrinkles because of extended fluffing time
  • easy to use
  • saves on energy and water consumption
  • quiet
  • stackable and compact design
  • looks nice
  • easy to activate programs
  • numerous options for fabric care
  • stain removal option
  • rinses well
  • has sensors


  • a bit expensive
  • internal heater doesn't always work well
  • too long wash cycles
  • cannot use chlorine bleach
  • manual not reliable
  • service and parts limited

  • Comments for Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer 3.4 cu ft

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    Jul 16, 2012
    Love the washer, but...
    by: SuBee

    Bosch appliances are great until something goes wrong.
    And something always goes wrong.
    If you are lucky enough to actually find a Bosch repair person within 500 miles of your house, it may be months before they actually get to you. I had one arrive in a relatively timely manner, take my dishwasher apart and discover he didn't have the part in his truck. He made an appointment to come back with the part and disappeared off the face of the earth (alien abduction? witness protection?)
    After many weeks of fighting with Bosch, they replaced the dishwasher. It seems they couldn't find a repair person either.
    I'm lucky I married a handy guy, and he has managed to keep my clothes washer and dish washer running well. They both work wonderfully and clean like crazy. But I would advise people to spend their money on another brand.

    Feb 02, 2012
    It is 2012 and the motors are still bad
    by: Andrei Smolko

    Just like a number of other reviewers we got the problem with the motor after 3 washes.
    And it takes a week or so to get the part and to replace it.

    DO NOT buy BOSCH washers. The German engineering and manufacturing (ours is made in Germany) at Bosch sucks.

    We've made a mistake ignoring all the warning signals that we saw in reviews as we could not believe that this brand name can be bad. The lesson coast us ~3000 dollars.

    Nov 19, 2011
    Defective motor on some machines
    by: Anonymous

    I have been without working laundry facilities for almost 4 weeks now. The motor of the first WAS20160UC washer that was delivered to me died after one wash. I got approval to exchange for a new machine. The same thing happened to the second one, after 3 washes. Customer service at Bosch was defensive. Not until I spoke with the manager did I find out the they had known about the motor problem on a certain batch of washers for a while. I am still waiting for a new motor to be delivered to the technician. I am extremely upset, needless to say. It's an expensive machine, and why did Bosch not recall the products? Why did customers have to live with the problem for weeks? Very disappointing!

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