Bosch Nexxt Washer

A look at what the nexxt washing machine series
from Bosch has to offer

Bosch nexxt washer is their flagship model in the USA.

There are five different series within the Nexxt model.

These washing machines are some of the quietest in the United States and most models come with built in water heaters to make sure that your wash is done at the correct temperature.

They are also backed by the good housekeeping seal of approval. A two-year warranty also comes with the washing machine.

Bosch is also a front loading washing machine. You may be wondering what the difference between top loading and front loading may be. The answer is simple.

Front loading tumbles your clothing meaning it is infinitely gentler on your fabrics while still getting your clothing amazingly clean.

The Bosch Nexxt 100 Series

The Bosch Nexxt 100 series is not a stackable system as some of the other Bosch. It is however, Energy star qualified, which means it provides energy efficiency for your home and with a 800 rpm spin cycle you can be sure your clothing will not be water logged when it’s time to dry.

What this means for you, is that your clothing, come out cleaner, and dry faster. Energy star rating means that you use 72% less energy and 76% less water to wash your clothing. That lowers your monthly bills and so does the spin cycle.

Less water in your clothing, faster dry times means that the energy you are using to dry your clothing is more effectively used.

The 100 series also has a 58dB Silence rating because of brushless motors, suspended pump systems and material that helps to deaden sound so you can put your washing machine anywhere you choose and never have to worry about the noise disturbing you.

In fact, it is one of the quietest washing machines on the market today.

The Bosch Nexxt 300 Series

Have children or a job that gets you dirty, the Bosch Nexxt 300 series may just something to consider. Getting out tough stains is more than just pouring on some bleach you need hot water and the Kidscare cycle on the Bosch Nexxt 300 series heats water up to 150 degrees giving you the best environment for removing the hardest to get out stains.

Like the 100 series, it is energy rated by energy star and holds the good housekeeping seal of approval. The rating is identical to the 100 series.

There are several differences the spin cycle is 1000 rpm rather than 800. It still has the same silence and quiet rating as the 100 series and the same capacity. There is one major difference between the 100 and 300 series and that is the fact that there is an internal water heater on the 300 series, which is missing from the 100 series model. Both have the Sensor technology that senses out the load size, water level, and the temperature.

It is designed to give you exactly what you need. This technology even has a sensor for suds to make sure your clothing gets perfectly clean. There is also an unbalance sensor to make sure your spin cycle does not leave your washer dancing over your floor.

The Bosch 500 Series and 500 plus Series

Need something a little larger than the capacity on the 300 and 100 series consider the 500 series with 4.0 cubic feet rather than 3.81 in the 300 and 100 series.

The 500 series also comes with the XXTRASANITARY cycle, which uses a thermostat-controlled sensor to keep your water at 170 degrees for 3 minute. This kills 99.9% of the bacteria and germs found in the home.

After than a comfortable 150 degrees is used to finish the cycle to prevent damage to your fabrics. Now your clothing can be as clean as your home.

The same energy efficiency you will see in the 300 and 100 series as well as an additional 100 rpm spin speed over the 300 model. The 500 series also has an internal water heater, and Archie paddles along with the Sensotronic plus technology of the 300 series.

If you are looking for versatility consider the 500 plus series. This washing machine has the Kidscare cycle of the 300 series, the xxtrasanitary cycle of the 500 and 2 additional cycles the jeans cycle and the quick wash 25 cycle.

The Quick Wash 25 cycle is for light loads that need just a little washing in a short amount of time 25 minutes sees your load washed and ready to dry.

Do you Love jeans or need them for work the Jeans cycle can provide you with the perfect way to wash your jeans and have them looking new longer and holding up better. Denim needs to be washed at a certain temperature and spin in order to maintain the integrity of the fabric the 500 plus series gives you all that.

The same silence rating as the 100, 300 and 500 series Ecoaction however, allows you to adjust your energy consumption by another 20% per cycle with the touch of just a button.

Now save even more energy with every load. It has the same 1100 rpm spin speed as the 500 series along with the internal water heater, paddles and sensortronic plus technology.

The Bosch Nexxt 800 Series

The 800 series Nexxt washing machine from Bosch has the xxtrasanitary cycle found in the 500 and 500 plus, the Kidscare found in the 300 and 500 plus and the jeans cycle found in the 500 plus series in addition to the Aqua guard.

This wash cycle is designed to wash waterproof apparel. In fact, simply pour in your product used for waterproofing and let the washing machine do the rest.

The series also comes with Ecoaction, Energy star rating, silence rating, 1200 rpm spin cycle and everything else found in the 300 and up series.

The great thing, these washing machines come with all this and an affordable price tag making them comparable to other brand name appliances.

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