Bosch Nexxt 100
WFMC1001UC Washer Rating

The Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Washer has many features that might make you consider purchasing this model for your home.

There are many reviews from people who have purchased this make and model of washing machine also that you might consider before you make a final decision also. However, it all depends on what your needs are for a washing machine.

Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Ratings

The Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 washer includes many features that provide benefits to owning this washing machine. Many of the features and benefits include the efficiency, sound, programs, and the Sensotronic Plus system.


This washing machine is extremely efficient. If you are looking for efficiency in a washing machine because your water and electric bills are far too high then you might consider this model.

It uses much less water when it does a load of laundry unlike the contemporary machines that use large amounts of water. In addition, the basket you can do laundry in is so large that you won’t have to do as many loads of laundry.

Not only are you saving on your water bill but you are saving on your time spent doing loads of laundry.

If you are used to a conventional top loading washer then you will be surprised to see you are using over 70% less water with this particular model. You also will save on your electricity bill because it is an energy efficient model.

Sensotronic Plus

This washing machine also uses the Sensotronic Plus system which is designed to optimize the wash process at each and every stage of whichever cycle you select.

This amazing technology has the ability to sense the load size you put in the washer. It then adjusts the water levels according to your load size.

It also can adjust the water temperature of each load for the best results. There are digital sensors built into this model which tell this washer how to take the best care of fabrics like silk, mohair, wool, and more. That’s right.

You can wash these types of fabrics now at home in your washing machine. All of the features in this make and model of washing machine are at the touch of your fingertips.


The Bosch Nexxt 100 washer also has a very quiet performance. If you do decide to purchase this washing machine you won’t have to worry about the annoying noises of a washer when you are doing laundry.

You can do your laundry any time of day and even when you have guests over visiting.

This is because the washer is virtually silent when you run loads of laundry. From now on you won’t have to schedule your laundry around convenient times when the noises won’t bother you.


This washing machine also has a 3.81 cubic foot capacity in the basket which allows you to do extra large sizes of laundry. The door is extra wide at 16 inches.

This is very nice unlike some washers that have such a small opening in them that you can only pull out a few pieces of clothing at a time to transfer to the dryer.

You can reach in and grab the entire load of laundry at the same time.

Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Pros

There are many positive comments about this washing machine that might make you consider it for a purchase of your own.

Consumers have said that they really like the layout of the controls and how easy it is to understand and use.

The basket is at an angle which makes it easier to get the laundry out also.

Consumers like the look of the washer. Customers have also said that their clothes are nearly dry when a load is completed and it takes less time for their dryer to have to run.

Their clothes look great when they are finished and it is entertaining to watch the clothes wash when using this model.

Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Cons

Some of the negative comments on this model say that it doesn’t clean clothes very well. It takes too long to wash the clothes and usually there is leftover water in the washer from loads.

If this water is left too long then it will mildew and tend to mold.

If you leave your clothes in there then you will need to wash them again because of the tendency to mold because of the leftover water.

More negative comments say that the model is far too expensive because it has cheap parts. It has also been said that the timer counts down inaccurately.

Final Thought

The Bosch WFMC1001UC Nexxt 100 Washer might be exactly what you are looking for if you are looking for efficiency and the ability to wash some of your most delicate fabrics.

There are many other features. Many people absolutely love this machine and others have had a bad experience.

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