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Bosch Nexxt 500 WFMC 3301

by Kara
(Askov, Minnesota)

A great disappointment. We bought this one after being very disappointed with a large capacity, front loading LG. For the first 6 months, the Bosch was great. After that, it started getting louder during the spin cycle. The door gasket went next, with tears in 2 places.

Now, 1 yr and 6 months after purchasing it, I have an E04 error and no one within 60 miles (we live quite a ways out in the country) that will service it. Luckily we purchased an extended warranty so I get a check for a new washer (minus what the warranty cost).

But that won't arrive for 2 weeks. I have a working farm & five children, what would they like me to do with the laundry till then?

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Jun 12, 2011
Do not by a BOSCH
by: Anonymous

I purchased this machine 3 years ago. This is the first front load I have ever had. The machine broke two weeks ago. I was quoted $400 dollars by the technician to replace the motor. I reluctantly gave the OK as the orginal cost was $780. When the technician replaced the motor it did not fix the machine. He then told me it needed another part that would cost an additional $268 dollars. At that point he told me to call customer service to see if Bosch would give any consideration for the repair of this machine. After I furnished them with proof of purchase and the quote to fix the machine I was told they would give me 25% for the cost of the parts only if I ordered the parts from them and had them shipped direct to my home and then paid separate for the technician to install them. The service technician had already installed the motor and we only would be ordering the additional part. Because of this the machine will not be fixed. Do not by a Bosch - They do not stand behind their product. Very disapointed the $780 machine did not last more than 3 years before it needed to be rebuilt.

Feb 11, 2011
Worst machine ever used
by: mary

This is the absolute WORST washing machine and perhaps appliance that I have ever owned. I recently built a new home and for the first time decided to treat myself to was was supposed to be the "best" in appliances. Unfortunately I purchased a Bosch washer, dryer, and dishwasher. I hate all of them BUT the clothes washer is particularly awful. All of the comments I have read are true of mine. The mildew smell unless you are VERY careful about drying out the rubber ring, the problems with the cycles, the length of the cycles. I have had this piece of junk for 3 years and it is in a Summer home...essentially used 10 weeks a year. I have had it repaired at great expense 2X. Today I am noticing water on the laundry floor. Soooo once again tomorrow I will call the repair man. The only satisfaction I have gotten is being very vocal to anyone who asks about NEVER purchasing a Bosch appliance. In closing the Bosch people are extremely arrogant and speak to me as if I am a moron. I have read the book, I have a very large family and certainly know more about washing machines than ANYONE I have spoken to. I do have a front loader in our year-round home, Whirlpool, works just fine, 10 years old and NEVER repaired.

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