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Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC

The Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC model is one of the most efficient front loaders that are out in the market. Heavy-duty and gentle at the same time, this washer marks the signature quality of Bosch.

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• cost efficiency

• attractive look

• effective cleaning and sanitizing abilities
• unstable, may move or vibrate excessively during operation

• have to leave the door open to avoid stagnant smell

• a bit expensive

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Product Overview

The Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC is a heavy duty washer that takes care of laundry washing in more efficient ways than the average machine. As with any other Bosch washers, the Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC also has the quietest motor and more stable grounding that doing the laundry can be such a peaceful activity. With its 54 db quiet performance, this washer spins at a 1,200 rpm speed to wring out the most moisture out of clothes before they are put inside the dryer.

15 Wash presets

This machine also has 15 wash presets such as delicates, hand wash, permanent press, wool soaking, and cotton, letting the users take control despite the different kinds of fabric. The BOSCH 800 WFMC8401UC is also energy efficient, having been certified with ENERGY STAR that rates the efficiency of machines in the household appliances industry.

Unique Cycles

Bosch prides itself in producing washers that have unique cycles that can cater to the specific needs of users. The XXTRASANITARY Cycle makes use of the Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC's built-in thermostat to heat up the water up to 170°F and keep it so for three minutes, effectively eliminating common kinds of bacteria that may be caught up in the fibers of the fabrics.

After this hot bath, the temperature is lowered to 150°F to avoid any damage to the fabric and color of the clothing being washed.

The JEANS Cycle of this washer specifically caters to denim clothing and other garments. Water is heated and spinning cycles are regulated in order to keep the colors from bleeding or running and the fabric from piling or getting damaged.

Meanwhile, the KIDSCARE CYCLE can take care of those stains even on kids' favorite robot shirts by cranking up the heat to 150°F. This temperature is hot enough to bust out even the toughest mudcake stains but just enough to keep the colors bright and vibrant and the fibers intact.

The BOSCH 800 WFMC8401UC also has a special cycle to take care of other garments that need special attention. The AQUAGUARD CYCLE is an innovative feature that washes and refreshes the waterproofing abilities of skin diving suits, skiing outfits, and even rain wear. Users just have to pour in waterproofing agent into the dispenser, so waterproof garments can be as good as new.

Sesotronic Plus system

However, what sets the Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC from its siblings in the Bosch family is the SENSOTRONIC PLUS system that it uses to take care of the laundry. The load is weighed, sorted, and analyzed by a myriad of built-in sensors, so that everything from water temperature to spinning variants can be tailored to take care of the garments while providing complete cleaning.

Archie Paddles

The ARCHIE PADDLES in the tub also allow clothes get a clean and easy tumble in the washer by cascading water and skimming away the suds. This ensures a cleaner and gentler action that won't damage the fabric of the laundry.

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Homeowners can definitely find whatever solution they need for their laundry problems with the Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC. It does not only clean well, but also disinfects, sanitizes, and even waterproofs.

It is also very cost efficient because of its low water and detergent usage and reduced electricity consumption by 72%. It has been granted the ENERGY STAR seak, citing its efficiency and superior quality compared to other washers.

Users can also decrease the consumption of water and electricity to as much as 20% per cycle, with just a few configurations.

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Some homeowners have reported that some models of Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC tend to vibrate excessively during use, which can be attributed to wrong placement of load in the tub.

There is no separate spin cycle, that's why some users have complained of doing the whole cycle of washing and drying with the machine.

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Final Thought

Overall, the Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC is a very efficient washer that one should really invest in. Its energy-saving capabilities not only benefit the user but the environment as well.

It is also packed with great features to make laundry washing easier, more convenient, and safer for different types of fabric. Though some users have cited certain drawbacks to using this washer, the benefits still outweigh the disadvantages.
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Comments for Bosch 800 WFMC8401UC

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Jul 19, 2011
Love my Bosch
by: Michelle

I have had this washer for 3 years. The stink problem with all front load washers is something that is kind of stupid to complain about. Yes, you will get a smell on any front loader if you close the door after use, so I leave mine open. I had a smell and some gritty build up before I figured this out (actually, the salesman told me about it but I didn't listen), but I bought Tide front load cleaning kit wiped it out with the cleaning cloths and ran it with the tablets for 3 cycles and it's perfect now.

It is also true that it doesn't have a spin only cycle and sometimes blankets don't spin out, but I just run it again on the Quick Wash cycle and in 20 minutes it's ready for the dryer.

And yes, I have had issues with throwing in one outfit and it not really coming clean, so if I have a small load like that, I throw a couple towels in with the load. Probably all front loaders have this issue as the way they work is by tumbling the load so that the clothes pound against each other pressing the wash water through the fabric. If there isn't enough weight to the load to create this action, your clothes won't come as clean.

My clothes come out cleaner and fresher than any washer I have ever owned. I had a Maytag front loader before that and it cleaned great too, but it broke down so often and cost the warranty company so much to repair that they just refunded my money and I bought the Bosch.

I also use less detergent. The feature I love most is the water saving feature of the load sensor. The machine detects the size of the load and dispenses the appropriate amount of water to wash the load, less clothing, less water used. I just throw in my clothes, close the door and turn it on.

The only problem I have had just recently, after 3 years of use with this machine was that sometimes when I run it on the hot cycle, only cold fills the machine. I was about to call the warranty company to have that looked at, but my storm drains backed up and flooded my basement so here I am shopping for a new washer. Will probably buy the Bosch again.

I think people are too picky when writing these reviews. I can't find a machine on here that people love. Or even like. Don't listen to whiners. Service issues are one thing, but smelly clothes due to improper care of the machine is their own fault. Buy the Bosch if you can afford it and want a reliable machine. And leave the damned door open a bit when not in use.

Jan 11, 2011
Do not recommend
by: Anonymous

I thought I liked this washer when I first bought it, but it walks out of the room when it goes into the spin cycle. Then, of course after the warranty, the top cracked where you put in detergent and where all the buttons are. Now water comes out of it when it first starts and the water is going in. I would not recommend this washer due to the noise and vibration. I'm sure it won't last long with all the vibrations that it goes through, so I will be purchasing a different brand.

Jan 08, 2011
We preferred our Kenmore!
by: Anonymous

We've had a Bosch model 800 for almost 3 years. The complaints about this machine are already well documented, but by far the biggest headache for us is the lack of a separate spin cycle. Heavier items don't usually spin well in this machine and are left water-logged. You have to run the whole wash/rinse/spin cycle to hopefully(!!) get them spun well. Great waste of time, water and electricity. And this comes with the highest end machine Bosch offers. We had a Kenmore before that was a dream by comparison. Live and learn.

Dec 27, 2010
Bosch washer is a very bad investment.
by: Anonymous

This washing ,machine sucks big time. I paid top dollar for this thinking that Bosch is supposed to be very energy efficient. The most annoying sound notifies me that washing is done. Every freaking couple secs "beep beep beep beep,beep beep beep beep" over and over. Sometimes I yell at the washer - shut up already. I agree the scum build up is quite filthy and it can't be removed not even when I try to scrub it off. I HATE BOSCH's washer!!!

Please don't waste your money.

Oct 08, 2010
Don't waste your money
by: Anonymous

Terrible washing machine...paid top dollar for quality and am very disatisfied. The first year in, I had to purchase a new seal....it stinks...and my entire closet smells like mildew from this washer not getting my clothes clean...would never purchase another Bosch item...the smell is horrible and I've done everything to get the smell out, vinegar, clorox, ammonia, baking soda, etc...nothing works...terrible machine, please don't waste your money....

Oct 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

I can't believe how bad this machine is! Because it is so unstable, it shuts off during the spin on any load that is smaller than half, leaving the clothes dripping wet. The technician's answer was that I had to wash bigger loads. So as a single woman, I cannot wash my towels or sheets alone. It traps small objects in an area next to the rubber seal, where this disgusting black slime has built up, all the way around the rubber. In heavier loads, some items come out only partially wet. And it wrinkles clothes very badly. You have to constantly air it out because it will smell terrible. The worst machine I have ever seen!

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