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Black & Decker, the classic iron. Model # F67E

by William Heath
(Kansas City)

I have had to use an iron since I was a teenager for everyday clothes to the Sundays best. If you haven’t noticed you that if you steam you jeans they straighten out. That’s what I had mainly used my old iron for until I started working in the business world and after setting up a nice wardrobe of business clothes I had to get a better iron than the five dollar one that I had.

I looked around and most of the major retailers from Target to even Kmart and everything in between. I found this really cool looking Black and Decker there that had a real nice classic look which fits the name and had the function that I needed some of the features that it has as you can find out on the web are brushed aluminum sole plate, Easy-fill water hole and a Fabric selector for any type of material. The thing that really caught my eye was the old style retro look.

It works great overall and I have had no problems with it so far I still steam my jeans. The other aspect was the name I grew up around Black and Decker, my dad used their tools and he always spoke of how sturdy his tools were. I guess I didn’t do much research before I selected it I really did jump at it because of the name and look but I will admit it worked out just fine for me.

The best advice that I have to give is, do some homework and look around for the best fit. If your professional seamstress this Black and Decker probable will not be the one for you but if you’re a single guy in need of a sturdy manly iron its your best bet with a really affordable price tag.

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