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Mar 04, 2009
Works great on stubborn wrinkles

My Black and Decker Classic Style Iron model F63E is the best clothes iron i have ever owned or plan to own. I bought my clothes iron at a local shopping super center for under thirty dollar and feel it was a great investment. I have owned it for about three years now and it still heats up as quickly as it did the first day i took it out of its box.

I have never had any problems with my Black and Decker Classic Style Iron and have never had to have it serviced at a repair shop. I use my clothes iron multiple times a week and on several different items in my house.

My iron has different temperature settings that work great on all fabric types on its easy to used color code dial and a matching color coded fabric temperature label positioned under the soft comfort grip handle. I love the handle because my old irons plastic handle use to get slippery when I would use the steam features,this handle never gets slippery and the steam feature on this model puts out a lot of hot steam with a single push of a button located on top of the handle.

This iron is very light weight and ease to use.I love the classic stream line look of my Black and Decker iron so much i store it on a shelf in my laundry room instead of having to hide it in a closet. I usually use the lower settings on light weight items and have never had my iron leave any yellowing or burn marks on any of my clothes and linens.

The polished metal sole plate on my iron is very easy to keep clean with a soft towel and a little widex. The high temperature and steam features work great on stubborn wrinkled on heavier fabrics like denim jeans and thicker materials used to make suits.

I would recommend the Black and Decker Classic styled iron to all of my friends and family because it works wonderfully on everything i use it on.

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