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Black & Decker Steam Iron-Less that $15 bucks

by Jordan R.
(Carlsbad, CA)

I always seem to have serious issues with basic home appliances. I am a domestic woman and I pride myself in my ability to sew my own clothes and keep a tidy home. But despite all of this, I always seem to have problems with anything that plugs into the wall, from from bread makers to vacuums, anything I touch with an electric charge seems to go kaput on me, and irons are no exception.

I have had irons ranging from $99 to $9, and each seems to hate me in some way. I always figured that if I went for expensive that the quality must compare, but sometimes that isn't the case, and I have several mens dress shirts with burn stains to prove it.

Maybe its my use of the iron, is my setting set wrong? Is it too hot? What is the exact content of the fabric? Yet no matter how much I experiment and work with the right setting I end up with hard water stains, burned pleats, melted synthetics, and when I don't ruin the fabric I seem to iron the wrong way and end up with a pleat diagonally across my chest on a cotton T.

The most recent iron I have bought has done me well and I haven't had any serious problems (except for absentminded ironing which is no fault of the product). Based on my past experiences I can say that for me to suggest an iron is giving it a great deal of flattery. The Black & Decker steam iron, bought at Wal-Mart for $13.96 is as simple and inexpensive as they come, and sometimes having something be simple can be the best lifeline for doing something correctly.

Equipped with a dial that indicates the amount of heat and steam for a specific fabric, as well as a button for as extra burst of steam. The non stick plates prevents bunching and skipping on fabrics and prevents burning. Their is also a spray stream to get that crisp pleat into trousers. This iron also steams vertically so it can be used on hanging clothes and delicate fabrics that can be touched by the metal.

This iron has been great for sewing projects and freshening up work clothes, and I hope that you will have just as much luck as I have with this model (or with any electronic device for that matter).

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