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Black & Decker Steam Iron (model # F210)

by Katye
(New Port Richey, FL)

I hate ironing, and try to avoid it at all costs. However, for my daughter's first birthday, the need for an iron arose in the form of iron on transfers. I had an old iron buried in the back of my laundry room, but when I plugged it in I soon realized it had gone to the farm. So I drove myself to Target to get a new iron (I figured I should probably have one in the house just in case, anyway).

I'll admit it- I was being cheap, and I picked up the most inexpensive iron they had- the Black and Decker Steam Iron for $9.99. The phrase “you get what you pay for” had never rung truer. This iron is a piece of garbage. The first time I went to use it, the plastic piece covering the handle completely slid off the unit in to my hand. I was able to pop it back on, but this happened probably 10 more times while I was ironing.

There is also no “auto off” button. I thought every iron came with an auto off button these days. Heck, even the old one I had buried in my laundry room did. On top of all of this, the water I poured in the iron for the steam function completely splashed out of the unit every time I moved the iron back and forth. There literally isn't anything keeping the water from splashing right back out. Very poorly designed machine. I ended up returning this iron and spending a few more dollars for a Hamilton Beach model.

I haven't had to use the new one very often, but in the few times I have, no pieces have fallen off in my hand and I haven't ended up drenching any of my clothing in water. So far so good.

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