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Black & decker S220

by Sandhya

This Black and Decker Iron which I have since 4 years is a very good iron for all my clothes. I remember buying it from Wal-Mart 4 years ago. It is good for different kinds of clothes. It can be used for Acetate/Acrylic, Nylon/Silk, Polyester/Rayon, Cotton blends, Wools, Cotton, and Linen. It has 7 adjustments in it’s knob for steam drying.

I have used it to iron all my clothes, my formal and casual clothes, my husband’s formal and casual clothes, and my son’s clothes too. It iron well everything, any fabric with and makes clothes look newer every time they are ironed with it. It has an opening above to fill some water in it for steam drying.

To spray water on clothes which require steam drying, it has the spray knob too. It is a good brand name and so it’s working well for so long time and I still have no complaints with it and I am hoping that it’ll last still longer. It’s white in color and the knobs are green in color.

The Connector cord is long enough to reach longer distances. The best thing about it is its light in weight. I can even iron Indian clothes with. I have used to iron my Indian silk saris with it. I was scared that I would burn my expensive sari but to my surprise it gave a new look to my sari and to the occasion on which I wore it.

All my husband’s formal shirts are ironed with it. They all look totally wrinkle free and he gets compliments from his office mates and I get appreciation too. All products made by Black and Decker are good and this iron is also one of the best I have. I am sure any other model from Black and Decker will be equally good.

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