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Black & Decker Quick 'N Easy 400

by Mandy
(Boise, ID)

The Black & Decker Quick ‘N Easy 400 clothes iron is attractive and easy to use. It includes an auto off feature, giving the user a feeling of security. It has seven heat levels, three of which use steam. The iron distributes heat evenly and heats up fast. The selector for the heat levels is in a convenient place and easy to adjust.

I don’t iron as much as say, my mother (lol), but I iron enough to need something reliable. I’ve had this iron for many years and have never had a problem with it. It will get the wrinkles out of anything from linen to silk or acrylic without damaging the fabric.

The cord wraps around the bottom of the iron (when it is standing up), but there’s nothing to secure it, so it doesn’t really stay put very well. That’s one of the only things I don’t really like about it. The other thing is, water will spill out of the reservoir if the iron is tipped in the wrong direction – I do this semi-often when putting it away.

On the flipside, though, the area that you pour the water in is a nice size. I’ve used irons before where you almost had to put the water in with an eyedropper because the opening was so small. You still have to have a slightly tapered cup to pour it in, but the opening is much larger than a lot of other irons.

Also, this isn’t really a big deal, but worth mentioning: The on/off switch is in kind of a weird place. It’s on the bottom of the iron (again, when it’s standing up on end), so when the cord wraps around the base, it covers the switch. This really isn’t a big deal, it just seems like it could be in a better spot.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this iron to anyone looking for something that is reliable and trusty!

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