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Black & Decker PROfinish 714

by Melissa
(Hope Mills, North Carolina, USA)

This is such a wonderful iron. I actually purchased this iron second-hand at a thrift shop several years ago. It is my most favorite iron ever. It is white trimmed in green. The water well is see through so I can see inside for the water level. The cord is attached to the iron with a ball that pivots so the iron cord does not get tangled and twisted when ironing.

It is heavier than irons I have previously owned. It has 7 different settings for just about every kind of linen or fabric. It has two buttons on top, which can be pressed down while ironing. One of the buttons is for steam (when you want it) and the other is for water, so you can spray water on your clothes when ironing. It has a rubber coated handle for a good grip.

It is also equipped with a "smart steam" feature, which is awesome, because I love to use the steam when ironing. It makes it so much easier to get wrinkles out. Of course, it also has the option for "dry iron" as well for those who would rather not use steam. Another feature that I love is the "steam clean" feature. This iron actually cleans itself. So, I can flip the switch to steam clean and steam will come out at full force and clean out all the little holes on the bottom so the gunk doesn't end up on your clothes.

It also has a times on/off switch, so if you forget to turn your iron off, it will automatically turn off on it's own. This iron is everything you need in an iron and more. I would highly recommend this iron or even a more updated iron in this same line of Black & Decker irons.

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