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Black & Decker Light 'n Easy Spray*Steam*Dry Iron

by Kimberly Patterson
(Louisville, OH USA)

Much praise to Black & Decker for manufacturing such a good product. Known for selling reasonably price tools and appliances that are durable and have longevity, I see that the company still makes the model that I purchase when my son was an infant, and he is 19 years old now. We have used the Light 'n Easy iron almost daily since its purchase date, as both of our jobs require well dressed, well pressed corporate attire.

The model I still use is beige with brown and orange setting indicators with buttons for steam and spray options, for those times when the permanent press on the dryer is lacking. The setting tabs afford the user fabric options from acetate acrylic to linen with some unusual fabric types in between such as, wool, nylon & silk.

The product has never let us down; it does not lose liquid from the water reservoir; it never sticks to the fabric, nor has it singed any garments even my most delicate accessory items. The iron unit itself continues to hold its shine, smoothness, and is free from nicks, marks, and mineral buildup. I should mention we have iron rich well water.

The electrical cord has a support tube that holds the power cord up and out of the way of the heating unit so there is no risk of melting or exposing the rubber encased wires. The cord on my personal product is smooth, strong, and without frays. I am pleased to mention that the outlet plug remains durable and without issue, also.

There have been many times while shopping I glance at the newer makes and models of irons that have controls only a computer operator could master effectively, along with a hefty price tag.

I certainly do want one of those newer models; but do I need a newer, more sophisticated iron with a sleek looking design, I feel guilty just entertaining the notion. When the day comes that my Light 'n Easy retires, I will probably be hard pressed to find the value, utility, and endurance I've enjoyed over the years using this product.

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