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Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron - D2020

From ironing entire suits to small silk tank tops, this iron is universal and works great on everything. It is easy to use, not too heavy and bulky, heats up quick, and lets you know exactly when it’s hot enough to use.

With other irons I’ve had, I had to play around with it for a while before I got used to how it worked and to see what was too hot, what wasn’t hot enough, how long it took to heat up, stuff like that. With this iron, the settings are so clear and you can see the temperature right on the iron!

It has a long cord so you do not need to be super close to an outlet for use, and the water put into it lasts longer than other irons I’ve owned. Another feature I really like and appreciate is the automatic shut off. After ten minutes of non-use, the iron will shut itself off.

I love this feature because how easy is it to turn the iron on, walk away from it while you’re waiting for it to heat up, then forget about it. I am out of the house a lot so this feature is especially important to me because I’d never want to leave a hot iron on while I am out of the house.
The steamer on this iron works great as well. A lot of irons now days come with steamers but a lot don’t work well and seem to be an add on feature that just looks good to put on the box. But I’ve had excellent results with this steamer.

I can steam a little spot to loosen up the fabric a little more, or I can crank it all the way up and steam an entire outfit. This iron is reasonably priced and great for anyone who irons clothes in general.

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