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Black & Decker Digital Advantage - D2020

by Tetramobile
(Watertown, NY)

I really have to admit that since I have grown up and began ironing a lot more, I am really picky about my irons. I have been through many and have broken many. All different kinds from the basic to the high-tech and this is the best one that I could fine. It has everything that I could ever want and it even has some things that I never even knew I wanted, but now can’t live without. This iron is just so amazing.

To start off, it has a little filler so that you can put water into the iron. You don’t have to stick the iron under the water to fill it up, which saves on a lot of the mesa and the controls that they have on this for all the steam and everything is just amazing. You can have it to put out a certain amount of steam if you want or turn it off. You can also clean it and it’ll just shoot out a bunch of steam from the holes. I just love the fact that I can control all the things that I love and use. I also love the fact that it has a digital screen so I can see what number it’s on, if the steam is on, if the water is low. I have come to realize just how important it is to have an iron that tells you everything because you can really quickly ruin your clothes.

I should also mention one of the things that I wasn’t looking for, but not I just love. The fact that the cord is on a rotated base. You can move the iron all around you want and the cord won’t get twisted. It was just the greatest thing because I was always worried about the stupid cored, but now I don’t have to.
I really can’t say too many things that are bad with it. I think that’s a great thing because with an iron a lot of things can go bad and when it does, it’s really bad, but not in this case. It’s been working strong and I’ve had it longer than I’ve had any other iron. I would gladly buy another one just to see what new things they have, lol.

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