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Black and Decker StreamXpress AS685

by John

I have had this iron for a year now. It has a great value for the money. The iron is very light with an attractive and sleek design. The plate of the iron is a mirror like stainless steel. The plate makes the ironing process really easy because of the coating material used to make it so smooth to glide on the clothes.

The iron has the regular features that any other iron has such as the ability of choosing the right temperature according to the type of fabric that you want to iron. It's provided with a small cup for filling water. The water fill cover is placed at the tip of the iron. To fill it up with water, you have to place the iron in the up position, take the water-fill cover out, and pour the water using the small cup provided with the iron.

The body of the iron is transparent so that you can actually see the level of the water. One of the nice features of this iron, which I haven't found in all the previous irons I have used, is that you can actually let the iron clean itself.

Another feature which is really hand and economical is the auto shut off. After leaving the iron still for a specific time, the iron will auto shut by itself so that doesn't consume power. The iron is equipped with two colored indicators, a green and yellow, one when the iron is warming up and the other one means that the iron is ready to use. I would definitley recommend this iron to a friend. And I would give it a 8 out of 10.

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