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Comments for Black and Decker Steam Advantage Iron (F1000)

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Sep 10, 2009
Overheats and drips
by: Anonymous

- Quick heat
- Non-stick to fabics

- Overheats
- Drips I cannot iron, and I am ok with that

This iron was supposed to change it all. My brother bought it for me and was going to teach me to iron. He was not successful. When I saw it was not me, it was not me. It was the iron.

It is quick to heat that is true. The anti-drip does not work, and I am not sure to this day what is suppose to make it not drip, but it does never the less. It drips so badly it pours. And it poured a nice little puddle on the shirt I was ironing. It was about two minutes in when he said, you have up too high. It was on the lowest setting. The iron was spitting out heat like no bodies business.

It was boiling its own water. I put ironing out of my mind, and it was not until a few months later that I decided to use it. It was homecoming so I decided with my brother?s help I would iron on some letters to his t-shirt for his fraternity. I read the directions and began.

The iron was not hot enough at first, so I waited for a while. Forgetting this is the same iron that tried to boil its way to outer space. I then cut the iron off, and left it for about 5 minutes so it could cool down. I used a towel to cover the letters. They were still peeling a bit so I went over them more than the instructions said.

This iron, cooled down, melted those letters.

Mar 29, 2009
Glides across my clothes
by: Anonymous

I'm a single guy and as you might imagine, I don't like ironing very much. There was a long time where I would have all my clothes dry cleaned. Not because I didn't have an iron, but my hand--me-down iron was ready to die. So, I just didn't want to iron my clothes with it. But dry cleaning and pressing eventually became taxing on my budget. So recently, when shopping at a popular “big box” store I decided to buy myself an iron.

Price was my first consideration for an iron. I bought a Black & Decker model F1000, mostly because it was on sale for about $25.00. As it turns out, it was a very good deal for my ironing needs.

One great feature of my iron is that it will shut itself off if you forget. I'm forgetful, especially before my morning coffee. I learned the importance of “auto shut off” one day when I rushed back home on my way to work, scared my apartment was on fire, only to find the iron was already off.

Another cool feature of my F1000 is that it has a built it sprayer. As I'm ironing, a press of my thumb will spray a mist of water in front of the iron. The steam action created really gets out wrinkles and it's way easier than keeping a spray bottle handy. My old iron had a steamer in it, but it seemed like I had to refill it between ironing each garment. Even with a steamer and a sprayer, my F1000 always seems to have water in it. The reservoir is huge.

Finally, between how light the iron is and whatever kind of treatment Black & Decker has on the ironing surface, my F1000 seems to just glide across my clothes. It's so easy and such a joy to use. For it's price point, I'm certain you can't find a better iron.

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