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Black and Decker F2200 Steam Advantage Iron

The Black and Decker Steam Advantage iron really gets the job done as it glides over your clothing like no other. The advantages of this iron is the fact that it is digital and has a nonstick iron plate. The iron plate has a ceramic gliding plate which glides over your clothes very easily.

The plate works fantastically when you fill up the iron with water to the correct level. The digital feature is a plus also, because all you have to do is plug it in and the iron heats up in a few seconds. The red indicator light blinks and as soon as it heats up it stops and notifies you that it’s ready to be used.

When you want to change the temperature setting it only takes a few seconds to adjust when the red indicator light blinks and stops when ready. What more can you ask for. The only disadvantages to this iron is you may feel a few droplets of water coming out of the water sprayer or the water fill spout, I really cannot tell because they are both made in the front of the iron.

Another niche I noticed in the iron is the little build up that accumulates on the iron when it gets too hot, and your clothing sticks on the iron. You have to stop immediately and turn the temperature dial down to a cooler setting. I usually iron my jeans and other cotton clothing on this setting when this happen. No need to worry about this too much because the iron has a self cleaning button that automatically cleans the iron. I would really give this a rating of 5.

- multiple spritzing options
- multiple steam levels

- doesn't smoothly glide over all fabrics
- plastic part pops off

5 out of 5

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