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Black and Decker D5500 Digital Iron

by Roy
(Chandler, AZ)

Black and Decker D5500 Digital Iron is probably the best iron I have owned. The Iron is ergonomically designed and fits in your hand in a comfortable manner and glides over the fabric better than any Iron I have had in the past. The settings are easy to read and the iron heats up fast and sprays just the right amount of water for removing wrinkles without soaking the fabric.

The auto shut off is a godsend since I am always in a hurry and forget to shut it off more than not.

The steam function works flawlessly most of the time; but I had an occasion where the water leaked soaking the garment and causing me to use the dryer to quickly dry the spot that it left. That only happened once and has not happened since.

There are two drawbacks in my opinion but they are livable drawbacks as the iron itself does a good job. The cord is not retractable and if it were that would be one of the best improvements that could be made for this iron. They make other models with retractable cords so adding that to this one would make this model a big seller. The other drawback for some people is the iron is somewhat heavy. The weight however, is not an issue since the iron glides flawlessly over the fabric.

I believe that the weight and the strong construction of the iron has saved me a number of times when I managed to know it off the board thinking that it would sustain major damage. The result? No damage at all to the iron and it immediately shut off when it hit the floor.
Black and Decker was always my choice for power tools for their affordability and ruggedness and now because of this experience I would not hesitate to buy another appliance made by them

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