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Be Energy Efficient with Electronics and Lighting

by Kristin
(Sheridan, IL USA)

Replace all of your lightbulbs with energy savers---compare your electric bills and usage (if on a budget plan). You'll be glad you made the initial investment.

Shut out lights when you leave a room. It doesn't expend more energy to flip lights on and off contrary to old wives' tales

Unplug everything, and don't leave things like computers running while they are not in use.

You can save the earth and save money! Once you get into these habits, you'll feel guilty if you feel you are being wasteful. You'll also be more mindful of others' habits and maybe teach others to do the same.

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by: Teagle

Over the last year we have replaced all of our incandescent bulbs with the florescent bulb alternatives. We have been amazed at the savings in our electric bill - most definitely a visble difference.

We changed our old bulbs out gradually by using the energy-savers when one of the incandescents burned out. We have been pleasantly surprised at the overall savings on bulbs over the long term as well because the energy-saver bulbs last so much longer.

This is a tip that will MORE than pay for itself in a relatively short time.

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