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Bajaj Iron PX -121 Iron

by Rajesh Natarajan
(Chennai, TamilNadu, India)

I'm having this Iron for the past 6 months and it is really worth buying. The salient features include, Dry ironing, Spray ironing, Powerful steam ironing, anti drip and self clean functions too. Moreover the grip is also so soft and gentle to hold. It is light weight and the major advantage is its non-stick coating plate.

The steam also can be adjusted accordingly. There is also an indication to see whether the iron has over heated or not. It is also called as the overheat safety protection indicator.

This is absolutely convenient to handle and it is more effective in terms of heating and cooling. It gets heated pretty quickly and you job is done in a very less time. After switching off, it gets cool very quickly. the water capacity is about 300 ML in this iron. But that doesn't mean that you should always pour the complete 300 ML into it. My strong recommendation is that pour the necessary quantity so that you don't have to struggle hard to use up all the water.

Talking about its ironing qualities, it is very easy to operate. The wrinkles can be get rid off very quickly. Typically it takes me just 10 mins to iron a shirt and five minutes for a trouser. Therefore I don't need to worry about my clothes every Monday morning. Just take it, heat it and just press once... and you are done.

You might be knowing the fact that Bajaj is already rocking on their electronic items and home appliances. This has got a huge brand name and that's the reason I had purchased. It has even got a 2 year warranty.

Therefore friends, I hereby strongly recommend this iron. This is a must for each and every household. You don't even need to look around for a laundry service guy near your house. In other words, it's like a pet in your house. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase it.

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