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AVANTI W789SA Washing Machine

by James
(United States)

Before moving into my new home I owned this model of washer, the Avanti W7895A for a full year. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it when I left, I simply liked the other appliances included in my new home better, and this one didn’t really match them.

I believe I paid almost $400 for this particular machine brand new, and for a year’s worth of solid, great service I think it was worth it – surely others (including my brother who has it now) will get even more use out of it than that.

It stands nearly 3 feet high, and it is just a plain old white washing machine. It has a nice little digital display with controls and features several different speeds.

The machine itself is really quiet and doesn’t take long to wash even a large load of laundry. And it really takes care of stains, too –even better than my current washer using the same detergent.

Though I paid almost twice the amount, I’ve found the machine online nowadays for around $250. For that price, I’d say go for it.

Anyone who is in the market for a brand new washing machine this model can’t be beat. Two thumbs up, highly recommended washing machine.

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