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Arm & Hammer

by Angela
(Statesville NC)

I started using Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent about 5 years ago. I have never used any other brand since. even though smokers live in my home, my laundry doesn't smell like it. I believe it is because of the baking soda that is in the detergent.

I think it cleans better, and the freshness does last longer. My towels always smell fresh and clean. I never have to worry about my whites. And best of all, I hardly ever have to use bleach. I used to go through a gallon, only in the wash, in about a week. Now I only bleach maybe once a week and a gallon will last me almost a three.

My clothes feel great, and I don't mind doing the wash. Because I know if I can get it into the washer and dryer everything is going to come out fine.

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