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Arm and Hammer Detergent

by genevia cameron
(Chesapeake, Virginia, 23320)

I love this detergent. I have a very messy and ambitious 2 year old and he ceases not to get into everything that he sees. I enjoy knowing that when I wash his bed linens, cloths and stuffed animals that they will come out fresh and the color wont fade.

It's very important to keep the color in his clothing. As a mother, I want him to look his best and I feel that when he looks his best he reflects that I've cared for him as best I could.

I only want to use the safest and reliable products. I stumbled on this prodcut by accident while shopping.

This item was the more cost effective product on the shelf at the time and I haven't turned back since. I refer all new mothers and established mothers to this product.

It's even great for cleaning a few of my own clothing and keeping it safe. I highly suggest this product and if you have not tried this product then please do soon and realize the difference.

You'll like what you see as soon as you remove your cloths from the dryer.

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