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Arm and Hammer detergent

I like Arm and Hammer detergent. Since everyone in my family (me included) tends to break out at the slightest provocation, we’ve been using the sensitive skin version for quite a number of years now.

It’s been a very effective product on that count – no rashes for anyone plus it does a good job of cleaning our clothes. I think that the pricing is very competitive.

I used to be able to buy the liquid version as a buy one get one free for a very long time, making it very affordable. With the price of petroleum going up, the cost of packaging the liquid version must be going up as well.

I’ve noticed I’m not finding the buy one get one free deals anymore. I’ve switched to the powder, which seems to work just as well as the liquid.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about Arm and Hammer detergent.

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Jan 14, 2013
the laundry pods
by: auntkiki

The laundry pods are not good they do not dissolved and when that happens it gets on your cloth and leave plastic spot on them not good at all

Oct 21, 2012
Hurting from rash reaction
by: Tony F.

I am now suffering from rash reactions to a scented laundry detergent and am researching to find a hypoalergenic laundry detergent. So far I like what I read about ARM And Hammer sensitive laundry detergent. So I will give it a try. There must be one out there that is easy on the skin.

Respectfully Tony F.

Oct 13, 2008
Arm & Hammer Unscented
by: Anonymous

I have never had a problem with Arm & Hammer detergent. I use the unscented liquid. I find it really gentle and works well too.

Sep 06, 2008
Well Said
by: Tom

I could not agree more with your review. Our family uses Arm and Hammer for similar reasons and have never had any kind of allergic reaction to it. I love the way it leaves my clothes and appreciate their sensitivity to allergies.

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