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Amana NGD7300WW Front-Load Gas Dryer, 6.7 Cu. Ft

 Super Capacity White  6 Cycles, 4 Drying Temperatures

Super Capacity White 6 Cycles, 4 Drying Temperatures

The Amana NGD7300WW is a super capacity dryer that comes loaded with a host of useful features in a clean, white design package. The dryer model offers a good combination of easy to use drying options and convenience features, reasonable pricing, and smart design with a clean look. It is powered by the AutoDry System and features flexible configuration, Touch and Go electronic controls, 6 cycles, 4 drying temperatures, end-of-cycle signal, and the SofSound I Quiet Package.

Interior Features
  • The NGD7300WW sports a 6.7 cu. ft. capacity that is more than enough for a typical family. It also comes with an interior light that makes loading and unloading very easy to do and eliminates the risk of leaving items inside the dryer because you could not see them.
  • The unit sports automatic settings to make drying very easy for you. There's the AutoDry System, which uses electronic sensors to determine how much moisture is left in the fabric to determine how much time is needed to finish the load.
  • The unit sports a number of drying cycles as well. These include heavy duty, which is the cycle for heavy clothes and fabric types like towels and jeans as well as comforters, the normal cycle for regular laundry days, delicate dry for thin and delicate fabric types, and timed dry. Timed dry allows you to select the specific time for drying, from 20-60 minutes. The delicate cycle is for thin and delicate fabrics, while the air dry option is best for heat-sensitive items like foam pillows, shower curtains, and the like.
  • The SofSound I Quiet Package is responsible for the quiet operation that the unit is known for as it uses sound dampeners. Lower vibrations and low noise makes this perfect in any home. The end-of-cycle signal tells you when the load is ready for unloading so you don't have to keep checking every minute.
  • The control lockout feature comes pretty handy when you have smaller children in the home. This locks the controls when you are not around so smaller children won't be able to change the settings.

    Exterior Features

  • The Touch and Go electronic controls are very easy to use. They are located on top of the panel, done in the same classic white as the rest of the finish.
  • The white finish of the the exterior is clean, minimalist, and gives the unit a casual yet modern look. The unit also comes with a see-through door.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 inches
    Height: 36 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total capacity: 6.7 cu. ft.


  • The unit is very quiet because of the integrated sound package. The four-way venting feature also keeps it cooler, which helps in reducing vibration.
  • The gas dryer sports a very clean and simple exterior design. The white finish will fit well in any laundry room.
  • The control panel is on top, which makes it very accessible. The panel is easy to understand and use as well.
  • The transparent dryer door makes it easy to monitor the cycle.
  • The reversible swing door is really good for very cramped spaces and makes installation easier.


  • The unit has some balancing problems. This makes it difficult to stack the dryer over the washer. The problem also causes louder vibrations when the machine is on.
  • The rounded doors often make it harder to load and unload. Some users prefer squared doors for more space.
  • The white exterior tends to develop into a slight yellow color after several years.


  • very quiet operation
  • clean and simple exterior design
  • accessible control panel
  • transparent door
  • reversible swing door


  • develops an unattractive yellow color after years of use
  • rounded doors make loading and unloading hard
  • some balancing problems

    Full Specifications »


    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Natural Gas
    Color White
    Drum Material  
    Control Type

    Touch and Go™ Electronic Controls


    6.7 cu. ft. Super Capacity

    Timed Dry Yes
    Temperature Options

    6.7 cu. ft. Super Capacity

    Drying System

    AutoDry System

    No. of Cycles 6

    Heavy Duty Cycle, Normal Cycle, Delicate Dry, Timed Dry, Air Dry


    SofSound™ I Quiet Package, Limited One Year Warranty - Parts and Labor

    Special Features

    End-of-Cycle Signal, Flexible Configuration, Reversible-Swing Door, Side Swing Door

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