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Amana NAV3225AWW

by justin
(Ithaca, NY)

This washing machine has treated us decently but there has been one major issue with it which keeps me from recommending it entirely. First, here are the advantages to it: it has a fairly large tub.

I can wash around ten pairs of pants at one time without any noticeable reduction of their cleanliness. Also, it generally does do a good job washing: clothes come out clean and spun out well. So in all it accomplishes my really basic needs from a washing machine: it washes things. The problems with the machine all boil down to this: it?s finicky on the water level. I have to fill it up to ?super? every time I wash (even with medium or small loads) or it stalls out and has to be reset.

I hate the water waste this creates so I always try to fill the machine up with clothes as much as possible which by its nature creates a backlog of laundry. I have to do it in huge time-consuming batches because this machine has to have the maximum amount of water or it just won?t work.

Those times before I understood this difficulty resulted in a number of clothes being ruined. I?d start the cycle and it would run for maybe five minutes then just shut off. I didn?t know what was causing this problem so I could never anticipate it.

Sometimes it would work just fine, sometimes I?d get a sloppy mess of soap and soiled clothing. I don?t have the time to babysit my washing machine and I shouldn?t have to!

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