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by Daryl Everett
(Dickinson, Texas US)

Over all this has been a nice dryer. The only problem that we experienced was that if the exhaust from the dryer isn't close to the outside exhaust port then the hot air will backup and cause the dryer to cycle to cool down to maintain temperature inside.

It will take longer to get the cloths dry when this happens. It is extremely easy to work on as I had to replace two solenoids. Diagnosis and instructions to make repairs was easily found on the internet.

It is easy to keep clean by just removing two screws you can remove the accumalated lint around the mechanical parts and keep the air flowing smoothly. The lint trap has become disfigured to excessive heat and it's a little difficult to get the lint screen in or out.

A different material that withstands more heat would be a big plus. The biggest plus is that the dryer operates off of gas. Our gas bill has been far less than the electric bill we paid just to operate the dryer.

Our utility are is in the garage and the unit had held up quite well. It has an alarm to let you know when the dryer has shut off but it is fairly soft and can't be heard inside the house so if you have perma press then you have to check on them. The alarm is barely audible even when you are near by.

This is not a big issue for us. Good dryer and I would purchase again.

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