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Amana Heavy Duty Lifetime Tub Super Capacity Plus

by Dana K
(Ithaca, NY)

I’m currently a renter and feel lucky to even have a washing machine in my apartment, and though I was sad, at first, that the management went with a lesser-known brand, I’ve been happy with my Amana washing machine. Mine is a “Super Capacity Plus,” which means it fits a ridiculous number of clothes.

This is good for people like me, who wait until the last possible moment to do laundry. I own a lot of delicates and most of my blouses need to be washed in cold water, so I like that the washer has a “hand wash” function. It hasn’t ruined any of delicates yet, which is more than I can say for the other washing machines I’ve used in my time as a renter.

I also like that there are specific places to put fabric softener and bleach – again, this is good for people like me, who aren’t pros at doing laundry. The machine is very user-friendly and I’d imagine, given how cheap my management is, that it wasn’t too expensive, either. I think the Amana washer is a good value.

I’m not sure how it would compare in quality to something more high-end, like a Whirlpool, but it suits my husband and I just fine.

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Jun 28, 2015
Rust Magnet NEW
by: mk

We've had this machine for less than a year. We've had the drive belt replaced twice and the main drive bearing replaced once. The latter was expensive! Also, the replacement bearing assembly had to be slightly modified even though the part listing matched perfectly.
Don't be fooled by the "Stainless Steel" tub. One would naturally think this would reduce any possibility of rust getting in your wash - and as far as the tub itself is concerned, that is true. The top lid to our maching is rusting on all edges and around the mount brackets. It took some detective work to realize that this was putting rust spots on our whites. I've just removed the lid, sanded it and put ospho on before painting. The lower part of the chasis and other parts are also rusting. Jeez, Amana, don't you ever think these things through?

Apr 08, 2013
piece of s#@!
by: kyle

bought amana stainless super loader-alw880qaw-what a piece of crap,didnt last 1 month,had to have motor and capacitor and tub seal replaced,within 1 year had service calls 3 times for major repairs,spent big money received big pain in the ass washing machine never again amana,if your going to sell them under your name learn to build a good product,Kyle a pissed off customer

Aug 07, 2012
by: Dave McCullough

My washer Amana heavy duty didn't last 5 years with just the 3 of us at home.

Apr 13, 2010
Lovin It
by: Anonymous

The mechanics might hate this machine but I don't know because I've never had to call them! This tub has a HUGE capacity and gets my wash (two teen boys included) very clean. I'm a renter as well but had to supply my own tub. My land lord said if I found one he'd pay for it but after installing my Amana Heavy Duty Super Capacity I've decided I'll take it with me if I go if it keeps up the good work.

Mar 12, 2009
Didn't make it to 6 years.
by: Anonymous

My Amana washing machine didn't make it to 6 years and started leaking out of the central tub/drive area. The repairman said it was not worth repairing and recommended GE or Affinity by Frigidaire. He said Amana are hated by repairmen. It had performed well for about 5.5 years for a family of 6 but I expected more since it was labeled 'commercial quality' and cost more.

Feb 03, 2009
A dream machine
by: AMY

The Amana Stainless Designer Series Heavy Capacity Plus is a great washing machine.I have had my Amana for five years and it still washes cloths just as goo as it did the day i bought it.I am always doing laundry and this make and model has definitely been worth every penny i payed for it.Amana makes a real good washing machine for a great price.

When i was shopping around for a washing machine i went to several different local stores and spent endless hours comparing models and prices.Most of the models i was looking at were either too expensive or were not big enough for my families need.I was almost ready to give up when in the last store i visited i found my dream machine.The Amana washing machine was the best priced washing machine i had looked at and was plenty big enough to fit the big sized loads of laundry i usually do.

The Amana washing machine also had energy saving features on it that have definitely saved me money on my electric bill.The last washing machine i had was very old and used a lot of electricity and did not get my cloths that clean.I was shocked when i got my first electric bill after getting my Amana,my bill was thirty dollars cheaper,i was amazed it saved so much electricity.

The Amana washing machine i have also has many options that i just can not live with out.I was always shrinking clothes in my old washer because it only had two temperature setting so if you washed in hot it rinsed in hot and like wise with the cold setting.I like to get my cloths real clean so i do like to use the hot temperature setting but i would rather rinse them in the cold.

My Amana lets me do both and i have not had too many things shrink since i got my new washing machine.

I do an average of ten to twelve big loads of laundry every week and my Amana still works as good as the first day i got it. All the other machines have only lasted two or three years at the most but my Amana has lasted twice as long for the same price.I think my new washer cleans cloths far better than any others i have bought.I have never had any repairs done to it because it has not needed anything repaired like my old ones did.

I would definitely recommend to anyone and every one the Amana washing machines because they work great and last forever.I love my Amana washing machine and would not trade it for any other machine on the market.When my Amana finally does kick the bucket i will definitely be back at the store to get another Amana, they are a dream machine sent from heaven.

Jan 21, 2009
Energy efficient
by: Anonymous

I am over all very happy with my washing machine .It cleans the clothes i wash in it realy good and spins them almost completely dry. It hardly ever gets out of balance and i'm not one to take to much time placing clothes into it properly.

My washer has two speeds and four choices of temperature settings.It is also very energy efficient and helps save even more energy by not having to dry my clothes for as long becuase they are only damp when the clothes come out of the washer.We have never had any leaks or water around the washing machine.

I do alot of laundry in my washer and i have had it for about five years.It is a great washing machine and i would recomend it to every one who asked.

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