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Amana Heavy Duty Dryer; LE8107W2

My current clothes dryer has honestly seen better days. We bought it a year or two ago from some friends who had just gotten married. We moved into a new house, so the timing worked out well for us.

I'm not sure the age of the dryer, but I do know it is past its prime. Sure, it drys, but it takes nearly an hour and a half per load. It is to the point that I dry my clothes in 30-minute segments because it seems to lose heat when left on for longer periods.

The controls are simple enough, all you do is spin the dial to where you want it and push. It does have an automatic option, but in my experience it does not seem to work too well. I have attempted to use the automatic in the past, but it ran all afternoon and I ended up with torched sheets.

Also, the hinges on the door occasionally need tightening. Just the other day it had gotten so lose that the door would not even close! It is difficult to dry clothes when you can not close the door.

Despite its age and apparent problems, this dryer is reliable. There are some tricks of the trade that come along with any appliance, but easy enough to work around. What I do like about this dryer is its simplicity. It has one function: to dry fabric. Not like the new industrial dryers that can do anything from dry clothes to cook your breakfast.

There are some things that go over the top to accomplish too much. I actually prefer the older style of dryer, there is less to break and less to upkeep. So, despite its problems, this is a reliable dryer that lives up to its name.

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