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All: Free and Clear

by Lyn

I started using the ALL: Free and Clear when it came out in the 3X concentrated format.

I have very sensitive skin and don't like a lot of perfumes and fragrances in my laundry detergent. This detergent fits the bill perfectly.

The small bottles that are used for the 3X concentrated format are easy to bring home compared to some of the other brands and the non-concentrated format.

I find the smaller bottles weigh so much less and they are easier to manipulate. The liquid itself is as advertised. There is no detectable smell and the liquid is clear.

I find that the product really cleans well. To save on electricity, I do most of my washing with cold water only. This ALL seems to work well even in cold water.

My clothes come out smelling fresh and clean without smelling like a perfume scent. I often find coupons in the paper for this detergent giving me at least a dollar off the product.

When the use of the coupon is coupled with a sale, this can really make this detergent very economical to use.

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