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All 2x Ultra Free and Clear

by Ron Fields
(Murphysboro, IL)

I’ve been using All detergent for over five years now, and I never use a different brand. Sometimes I’m mildly allergic to Tide and Gain, specifically, because I had a couple of minor skin irritations several years ago.

I initially switched to All because it was on sale, and I’ve been so satisfied with it that I’ve never switched to another brand.

What I really like about All 2x Ultra is that the perfume and dye-free version doesn’t irritate my skin at all. My clothes are always spotless after washing, and I have a tendency to get lots of stains on my pants and shirts.

All doesn’t leave my clothes smelling like the detergent because the free and clear version doesn’t really have a scent. I prefer the 2x version for several reasons.

First, it’s concentrated and that means that I use less of the chemical when washing clothes. More importantly, though, is the fact that it’s better for the environment.

The 150 ounce package of All 2x will wash 96 loads; in a 150 ounce jug of regular All, you only get about 48 loads of laundry.

Essentially, the same amount of plastic for the packaging gets used in both cases, but you use less of the plastic when buying the concentrated version.

That saves on using plastic, takes up less space in landfills, and is therefore better for the environment.

I wouldn’t use All if it didn’t get my clothes as clean as it does. The store brands, especially the deeply-discounted ones, are just too weak to really get my clothes clean.

I’ve been very happy with All for these five years, and can’t see myself using anything else.

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Oct 05, 2008
My Allergist Had Me Try This!
by: Mrs Mom

I have to agree with you 100% here. With an allergic condition that was seriously aggravated / complicated by perfumed detergents, my allergist had me switch to ALL FREE & CLEAR. Two years later, and my allergy has lessened, and my skin no longer causes me issue!

Aug 27, 2008
It's what it doesn't do.
by: Anonymous

I agree totally! It's what it doesn't do that makes it so special. It doesn't smell for starters (I'll choose my own perfume, thank you), and it doesn't irritate your skin. Why would anyone buy the two effects above? Clean is all I'm looking for and it does that perfectly.

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