AEG Washing Machine

The AEG washing machines have many key features that might make you decide upon buying one of these units the next time you need a washing machine. Many of the key features include the energy efficiency, performance, load adjustment, stage indicator, and more.

AEG Washing Machines Overview

Washer info

The AEG washing machines have a 1600 rpm spin cycle on them. The wash capacity is up to 6kg which is extremely generous.

The size of this washing machine makes it ideal for people who have large families or who do large loads of laundry.

Many people like to use these machines for businesses that were linens and uniforms because it holds so much.

It is nice when you can wash more laundry in one load then to have to do many loads. It also saves you on your water bill when you are only doing one big load of laundry.

energy efficient

They include a class A energy efficiency label. This means that it is designed to be one of the most energy efficient appliances on the market.

What this means is that you will be using less energy to run this unit and overall you will save on your electric bill, especially if you are used to running laundry all day long.

Grade A is the most efficient an appliance can get for saving energy. Grade G is the worst in efficiency you can get in an appliance.

All appliances now have a grade on them for you to see how the efficiency rating is labeled. You will find these washing machines to be the most efficient and economical that you can find on the market.


The performance of the AEG washing machines outperforms the rest in washing and drying.

Again, the washing is class A and so is the dryers that are offered by the company to provide the most efficient and economic appliances out there for you.

The water consumption is extremely low and so is the electricity.


One of the biggest benefits to the AEG washers that people absolutely love is that it has the fuzzy logic intelligent system installed in it.

This system can detect when the washing machine is out of balance. Here’s the best part. Not only does it detect that your load is out of balance, it will rearrange the load for you and balance out the clothes.

It also ensures minimum wear and tear to the drum bearings of the machine with the fuzzy logic. The fuzzy logic can also detect if you have accidentally added too much detergent to your load of laundry.

If it detects that you have added too much then it will automatically assign additional rinses as needed until all of the detergent is washed out of the clothes. Have you ever heard of a washing machine this amazing?

Aqua Control

The AEG washers also have what is known as Aqua-Control. This feature is considered to be all around water protection. This is where the inlet hose withstands water pressures many times greater that what is found in normal and domestic water supplies.

The machine has the ability to detect a leak with a sensor that is located at the base of the machine. A pump will be activated and water will automatically be cleared from the appliance.

There is also a safety level switch that will do the same if the water level exceeds what is considered to be a safe level.


The AED washers also have a delay start timer on them. This means that you can set your washer to begin at a certain time and it will begin when you set it to.

This is very useful if your community offers discounts on your water bill when you use the appliances after certain hours of the day. You might want to check with your water company because they might.

It is useful to people who work nights and they want to set their washer to begin during the cheaper hours while they are gone. Then they can come home to a clean load of laundry ready for the drier.

You can delay a load to start up to 19 hours. You can also extend the amount of time your laundry soaks in the wash.

The display will show you the time remaining for a certain load also if you would like to know how much longer until the load is finished.

You won’t have to keep running to the washing machine to see where the lever is.

Wash Cycles

The AEG washing machines allow you to wash delicates that normally need to be hand washed with a hand wash program for silks, wools, and other delicates.

There is a super gentle designed specifically for wools that will gently rock your wool garments. You are probably rougher when you are hand washing your items than the machine is. The wash temperature for these delicates is 40 degrees and it uses an extremely gentle spin as it eases the rinse water from the clothes.

You will be amazed at how the AEG machines can clean hand washed clothing items.

Special Features

There are other amazing features like the ‘Easy Iron’ program and the unique stain action program.

The easy iron is designed to take the wrinkles out of your clothes and the unique stain optimizes the effectiveness when you use stain removers on your clothes for maximum stain removal and cleaning power.

Final Thought

The AEG washers want the best results for everything you are washing. This is why they have included a four part detergent dispenser that dispenses the detergent in four stages.

This system ensures the water softening agents, detergents, stain removers and fabric softeners are dispensed exactly when they should be during the wash to maximize the purpose of each of them.

The AEG washers are full of features. Their oversize allows you to save on the amount of loads you are doing but you will also save on electricity and water because of the energy saving optimization this unit is.

There are so many features to these machines you will be amazed. There are many more features to these appliances that are not listed in this article.


If you take a close look at AEG washing machines, you will find that they come with a variety of excellent features that are state of the art and cutting edge.

Advanced features and wash programs include some of the following:

Weight Sensitive Washing – Many people are worried about overloading their washing machine because they are worried about overloading it. However, you can actually wash quite a bit of laundry in an AEG washing machine – up to 35 t-shirts in just one cycle. These machines have a special weight sensor in the machine that weighs the laundry and shows you how much laundry you can still add. This helps you get as much as possible in one load without having to worry about overloading it.

Load Mixing – More than likely you tend to mix different types of fabrics when you wash a load. Using a special load mixing logic, these machines actually select the right cycle depending on the fabrics that are detected in the load.

This helps make sure that you never accidentally choose a wrong wash cycle and ruin an item of clothing.

Advanced Fuzzy Logic – These machines also have a special feature that help to detect how much water is going to be needed for the wash and the rinse.

This means that you will use the lowest amount of water possible so you’ll save energy and money.

Quiet Operation – AEG also uses a special technology to make sure that your wash is done quietly. They have a five layer coating on the cabinet of the washer and it is well insulated as well to make sure that you do your laundry in peace.

Time Saver Option – Another great feature that comes with these washing machines by AEG is the time saver option. This allows you to control how long the wash cycle will be.

So, even if you are busy and you need to get a load done quickly, you can get it done as soon as possible.

LCD and Time Display – AEG machines also come with a special LED display that provides you options, feedback, and an end time. There is also a time display that shows you how much time is remaining or when the load will be done.

Delay Start – One important feature that many people love is the delay start. There are various delay start options, some up to 20 hours and others up to 23 hours.

Model Types

When it comes to AEG washing machines, you’ll find that there are a variety of different models available out there. They come with different capacities and for different prices. You may want to take a look at several model options to find the one that best suits your needs. So, the following are popular model types that are offered by AEG.

L76810 – This machine comes with a load capacity of 6 kg and it is energy efficient as well. It consumes very little water and electricity and has a variety of great features, including aqua control, Fuzzy Logic load adjustment, an LED stage indicator, and a variety of wash programs that are easy to use.

LL1620 – The LL1620 is a weight sensitive machine that will hold up to 7kg in one load. It has controls that are easy to use and offers excellent wash performance.

A front load washer, it comes with a variety of features, including advanced rinse technology, a quiet program, and a five year guarantee.

LAVAMAT 14510 VI – This washing machine has a 5kg maximum wash load, which is far from the biggest offered by AEG; however, it still has plenty of features that make it a great buy, such as unique satin action programs, a quickwash program, and a detergent dispenser that has 3 separate compartments.

L52810 – With a 6kg load capacity, this washing machine will do fairly large load for you. It has an extra wide porthole that allows you to easily access your clothes and it is very energy efficient as well. With features like load adjustment, foam suppression, aqua control, and quiet operation, it is an excellent buy.

LAVAMAT 74900 – The LAVAMAT 74900 has the largest capacity of all the washing machines by AEG, with a huge 8kg load capacity. It also has an extra wide porthole that opens wide so you can easily access the drum.

This machine comes with a special 4 compartment detergent dispenser, a detergent overdosing indicator, and even a unique stain action program. It also comes with a LED stage indicator and a time remaining indicator that also has a 19 hour delay start.

There are so many great options available with these machines, that they definitely make a great buy, especially for people looking for advanced features. So, take the time to look closely at the machines that are offered by AEG, and you may find one that will meet your needs.

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