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A Roper Washer

by Bury, UK

There she sits in the corner of the basement all shiny and new. I just bought her yesterday and delivery was made today. Her name is Roper. She is waiting for her first load and I willing to ablige.

My first load into her is Whites. Pull out the knob to start the water pouring in. I have three wash cycles to choose from so I choose the Hot/Warm water with the middle setting. I think 10 minutes to wash will do just fine. This machine is so quiet.

I added the detergent they provided a free sample with the machine but I still needed to add bleach. The water filled up really quickly and now it is agitating. I am amazed at how quiet this machine is. The rinse cycle lasts about 10 minutes itself.

I like to keep track of this so I know when I need to change the load. Next we have the spin cycle. This machine is staying on the ground! Not like the old machine that used to jump all over the place. Another 10 minutes and I am ready to pull out the whites. They look and smell fantastic. Time to dry.

I love this new machine and I am ready to try the heavy duty cycle now.

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