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WM2233H Review

The LG WM2233H front load washer is a stackable machine that has many features that provide a big benefit.

Many of these features include 7 wash cycles, soil settings, a SenseClean wash system, many temperature levels, and a delay wash system.

LG WM2233H Front Load Washer Pros

Many people love stackable machines because they give people the flexibility to put them where it is most convenient for them.

It might be painful to have to bend over really low every time you have to do a load of laundry.

The compact size of this front load washers allow you to put them up high on shelves if it is most convenient for you. You also might not have much space in your home for a full size washer and dryer.

If you decide to buy the dryer too then you can stack the two on top of each other. The stackable feature is one of the biggest features because of the space saving benefits.

The LG WM2233H front load washer has seven wash cycles for you to choose from when you wash your clothes.

This allows your bright clothes to maintain their natural and brightest colors without having to worry about them fading. You can wash your most delicate items without worrying.

There are also five different soil settings for you to set how dirty your clothes really are. You won’t have to worry about washing something twice to really get it clean again.

With the soil settings you will always have incredibly clean and fresh smelling clothes from every load.

Top Features

Delay Start

The LG WM2233H front load washer also has a delay option for your load of laundry. You can set your load of laundry to run at a certain time of day that is most convenient for you.

Whether you want your laundry to run while you are away at work or you are saving energy running it while you are asleep, you can choose when the load will run.

People love the convenience of setting the delay on the wash for when they are ready for the load to be done.


Another excellent feature of this front load washer is that it is extremely quiet.

You may not need to set the timer if you set it because you don’t want the noise disturbance during certain hours that you are at home. This is because there is no noise disturbance.

This washer is almost silent with its loads and it will play a little tune when a load of laundry is completed. This is very nice not to have to talk over a noisy washing machine or wait until certain hours of the day to do your laundry.


The washing machine also has such a powerful spin cycle that it spins your clothes so incredibly strong that they are almost dry by the time they need to be put in the drier.

This is very nice because you aren’t using as much energy when you don’t have to run long loads in the dryer.

You also won’t have to run the dryer multiple times to be sure things are really dry. It is never fun when a spin cycle in a washer will not spin the clothes properly and they are sopping wet.

Final Thought

One pleased consumer of this front load washer was happy with the silence of this unit.

She stated that she couldn’t even hear the unit running unless she was standing next to it. The beauty of the machine is also another fantastic benefit because it looks nice in her home.

The biggest benefit was that the machine uses very little detergent and very little water which saves them money on their water bill and the amount of detergent they have to buy.

One consumer mentioned that they had nothing but problems with their machine.

She said that she had a technical malfunction and the LED light continued to display an error on the front of the machine which causes the machine to malfunction and not work properly.

She also said that the low amount of water used for a load of laundry was not enough to wash her laundry properly so they were clean enough and she felt her purchase was a mistake.

The LG WM2233H front load washer has many benefits that provide people with the convenience of saving some serious space in your home.

The machine has other benefits of many different wash cycles and more. Some consumers absolutely love this machine while others have had a bad experience.

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