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6.5 Whirlpool Super Capacity electric dryer

6.5 Whirlpool Super Capacity electric dryer. We purchased this dryer about 2 and a half years ago and have loved the features on it. It is large enough to hold about two loads of a normal size dryer and still gets everything dry.

My favorite feature would have to be the automatic dry accuracy setting. I put the load in put it on this setting and it is able to sense the moisture level in the load of laundry and automatically shut off when the load reaches the selected dryness.

The design of the lint trap was a bit irritating when we fist got it. The kids were always remembering to clean it when the dryer was on so it sucked all the lint into the pipes.

I would have such a build up of lint outside that the air couldn’t get through and dry the clothes. We eventually learned to clean the lint before turning it on. I love the winkle shield setting as well.

If I don’t get the clothes out within a few minutes the feature will periodically start and stop the dryer, tumbling the load without heat for up to 45 min. So I never have wrinkled clothes anymore.

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